Parents concerned Palma Sola Elementary could soon shut down – WWSB

Parents concerned Palma Sola Elementary could soon shut down - WWSB

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) – Parents of students who attend Palma Sola Elementary School in Bradenton are signing a petition to save their school.

According to a handful of residents, employees of Palma Sola were informed that the school would likely be closing this summer for good. After hearing the unconfirmed news, a petition was created by Kristina Snyderman, who is a concerned parent who has garnered over 3,000 signatures for people who want to save the school.

Snyderman explained she and her husband bought that house specifically for its proximity to Palma Sola Elementary.

“We bought this home primarily because we could walk our son to school,” she said. “It could potentially be sold to a residential developer if they decide to sell this land. That would add 50 plus more homes to the community which could compound the issue even more. Where would those students go? Where would those families send their kids to school?”

Snyderman added, “It’s very concerning to us for a lot of reasons. Primarily, there are not a lot of schools around our area that are equivalent to what’s provided by Palma Sola.”

Karen Paul is also a resident who lives directly across the street from Palma Sola. She said she was tired of hearing things through the grapevine and went directly to the school for answers.

“I would just say that I talked to staff members and found out that they were informed in January that changes would be taking place and the school would be changed this summer,” Paul said.

Paul is a retired school teacher who loves having the school across the street. Her neighbor Larry Drew is also angry with the rumors. He has a grandchild who attends Palma Sola.

“My grandson just started going to kindergarten here. I pick him up every day right here at the end of the block. He’s doing well in school and it’s a good school,” said Drew.

When asked about the closure of Palma Sola Elementary School, the Manatee County School District wrote; “Any conversations concerning the closing of Palma Sola Elementary, or any other school, is pure speculation and rumor at this point. The School Board is planning a workshop, scheduled for Feb. 17, to begin discussions regarding several elementary schools in west Bradenton that are currently under capacity in terms of students. Any Board discussions on those matters will be fully public and open to the media.”

The Manatee County School District’s Superintendent will be holding a town hall for parents at Palma Sola Elementary at 6 p.m. on Wednesday.


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