‘We’re More Than Ready To Live With This Virus’: Steve Forbes Slams Emergency COVID-19 Measures

Leisure in Indian Society

In the leisure sector, there is a whole new set of Indian icons gaining popularity and respect. There is a pride and confidence in all things Indian. Indians are also adapting western notions to the requirements of changing times. This is different from merely aping the west.

ALBA’s Attack on Developed Nations Makes One Think – What Are They Talking About?

Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has convinced a few nations to come under his umbrella by promising them various things, and too by manipulating their elections. Nations like Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Argentina among them. He has a little group going now that is called; The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA). This group has target the United States as evil and has made some demands and declarations.

How Would You React If a Journey Back to the Village Involved Taking Your Life in Your Hands?

As you walk away from meeting your friend, or drive away from a shopping trip, or cycle along a familiar road, imagine what it would be like if your journey involved taking your life in your hands. In one village in southern Sudan for the first time in years all the routes out of the village have finally been cleared of mines!

Israel’s Arabic Problem Solved

So simple. So obvious. How was it missed?

Google Vs Japan’s Tainted Past

Is Japan heading into a battle with Google once again? Google’s attempts to make headway in Japan seems to be a “one step forward, two steps back” kind of process. Street view was welcomed initially, but then it came under huge scrutiny due to Japan’s hugely strict privacy rights (a right which seems only to be slackened when an alleged offender of a crime is in the US armed forces, and then it’s fair game). But this time it’s Google Earth’s custom maps that have come under attack.

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